Methodist Girls’ School is a school located along Logan Road, off Anson Road, Penang. It was also known as the Anglo-Chinese Girls’ School, or ACGS.

The Anglo-Chinese Girls’ School traces its history back to 1892, when the wife of Reverend Pykett, Mrs G.F. Pykett began conducting classes for girls in Northam Road. From there, the school shifted several times, as enrolment increased. It moved to Acheen Street in 1900, then to Burmah Road in 1903, and then to Penang Road in 1907.

The Anglo-Chinese Girls School finally bought the land on which the present building was erected in 1914. From there on, the school underwent expansions over the years, as more wings were added to it.

Currently the school’s enrollment stands at 654 students with 45 academic staffs and 9 supporting staffs.


School's History


School's Logo

School's Song

Loyal we’ll ever be

To our dear MGS

We’ll praise and honour thee

All through the years

May glory and fame be yours

Wherever we may be

We’ll love thee

Yes we’ll serve thee

Dear MGS

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

  • To create and sustain a caring and competent school community which generates excellent students

Our Missions

  • To nurture a global-oriented community which seeks to advance academic achievements in line with our country’s aspirations.
  • To inculcate a caring and harmonious school culture that ensures quality education.
  • To produce an ICT-literate (Information and Communication Technology) community in order to realize Vision 2020